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CIVB’s: Words on Wine with Aliye Melton

“Aliye Melton is testament to how Bordeaux is moving with the times. Aliye moved to France to study at the INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux, where she embarked on an MBA focussing on wine. Having now lived in region’s capital for the past 18 months she sees first hand how Bordeaux-based châteaux are embracing digital media….” Read More

CIVB’s: Our Favorite Social Media Mavens 

“Aliye Melton began her blog, Cuvee Appeal after moving from California to Bordeaux to embark on an MBA with a focus on wine at INSEEC in Bordeaux. She blogs about wine tastings, her own experiences living as an expat in Bordeaux and diving headfirst into the wine industry.”


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Distinct Style: Bordeaux vs Napa

It’s no secret that I greatly enjoy wine tasting. To that end I have been incredibly lucky with opportunities to taste in Bordeaux, in Napa and beyond. It’s in that spirit that I recently climbed in my car on a very rainy day, drove up to Napa and went tasting with my friend B., a friend I had the chance to meet in Bordeaux. We had some amazing wine that day, and to be perfectly honest: some overpriced crap. But what really struck both B. and I that day were the very distinct differences between Bordeaux and Napa. So, I’m going to share some of my (generalized) observations.

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