Bienvenue! Welcome to Cuvee Appeal! This blog will be the chronicle of my adventures as I move to France to get a Masters in Wine Business Administration.

This adventure began with a whirlwind 5 weeks in early spring. I downloaded the application to prepare to speak with a wine maker who received her degree from Davis. After I downloaded the application I learned that I had to complete the application within two weeks! A late night interview, a sleepless night, and a few short weeks later I had been accepted to the INSEEC Bordeaux International Wine Institute.

It’s now the end of July and things are moving quickly. I have booked a plane ticket, tentatively leased an apartment – sight unseen, eep! – revamped my wardrobe (always important), bought a suit case, and completed the first stage of my visa application.

Now the waiting games begin…. I am waiting for approval to book an appointment at the French consulate in San Francisco and complete the visa process. Of course in typical bureaucratic fashion the process hasn’t been seamless and I am starting to worry. But fingers crossed all will work out in the end.

Then the real fun begins – the packing!!! Having previously moved across the continent and across the Atlantic I can testify that packing your entire life into two 50 pound bags and two carry-on’s isn’t fun. For me or – as she will testify – for my mother who is always the one who helps. Thanks in advance.

I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of the adventure with you! Sit back, sip that perfect glass of Pinot, and stay tuned!

A plus tard!

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