And so it begins…AKA The First Day of School

Twelve days. It’s been twelve days since I arrived in Bordeaux. In a lot of ways it’s been very eventful. I struggled through opening a bank account. I moved into my new apartment. I persevered and made it to IKEA. I had an interview and was hired for an internship with one of the biggest sellers of Grand Cru in the world. But it has also been very quiet. I spent time by myself exploring the city. I unpacked. I watched a couple movies. It’s almost been like a mini-vacation. But it has also left a lot of time to think. And panic set in.

But now I find myself sitting at the school waiting for the program to start – enjoying the view over the river. There was a little miscommunication and confusion with the school emails. One said 9:30 and the other 10:30. So being me – I showed up at 9:30 to be safe. I’m nervous. Very nervous but now I am going to go chat to someone and make a friend.

Additional updates to follow.

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