The Movie Moment

You know that moment in the movies where thunder claps, lightening flashes and in an instant a beautiful day turns into violently pouring rain. Apparently this actually happens in real life. And I got stuck in the downpour.

Today was actually a beautiful (if hot) day in Bordeaux. The sun was shining. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We’ve actually had great weather all week. In fact the picture below was one I snapped from the school terrace at lunch. You can see the cathedral and the old city overlooking the river. Since I took it with my iPhone it’s not a great picture but you can get the idea.


Tonight there was a party celebrating the new school year and the end of the business game.  After meeting a fellow American expat for drinks – who also happens to work at the same company where I will be doing my internship – I met several friends from school and headed to the party. It was when we were leaving that the freak weather struck.

As Bordeaux isn’t a huge city so as we headed out we debated walking to the local bus depot and attempting to conquer the bus system or just walking. Being poor graduate students we opted for attempting to figure out the bus system. But as we were walking toward the bus station the freak weather struck. And it started to pour. And I do mean pour. It was more like someone opened a spigot.

So we made the mad dash back to the club. And, soaking wet, the three of us – all headed in the same direction – jumped in a taxi. Again at least Bordeaux isn’t a huge city and it was only about 4 euro for my portion of the ride. But I was still faced with the half mile walk in the now harder downpour.

Had I been hope, I would have been stripping as I walked in the door. But as I wasn’t sure of my roommate’s location I dragged my soggy but up the stairs. My shoes literally squished with every step. My jeans were saturated to the knees. Hell, even through a sweater, a tank top and an undershirt my bra was wet.

Now I’m off to go dry my hair and go to bed.

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