The Camel

Yes you read that right: the camel.

As I have mentioned before I have a fairly sizable commute to get to my internship twice a week. The office is about 25 miles outside of the city near a little town called Ambes. The first time I ever rode the bus to work I commented on two things: the rather surprisingly large field of corn and the open pasture. This pasture is within the ‘town’ limits and more importantly is not fenced. There are often a couple of horses and as I recently discovered…a camel.

Yes your read that right: a two-hump camel in the middle of Bordelais country side.


Not really sure what to do with that. Why a camel? How does the owner keep the camel in the unfenced pasture with the horses? Are there camel rides available?

It’s not quite Serge the Llama but maybe the camel would like a bus ride? ….

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