A Long Overdue Update

Hi All!

I know it’s been ages since I last posted something of significance or provided an update. So I thought it was finally about time. But I promise I’ve been really busy with important things…and having a bit of fun as well. A quick timeline of the important things:

  • February: I moved into my new apartment! Most of you probably already new this had happened but it was big happenings in my world. I’m very happy and I love my new space. I’m sure I’ll get around to pictures eventually.
  • End of February: B. and I tag along to Sauternes while K. has an interview. Click here for photos.
  • End of February – Beginning of March: per my last post this was exams, revisions, exams. Glad things are put to bed and now just waiting for my results.
  • Mid-March: Internship. Good news: only 3 days a week. Bad news: Only 3 days a week. Travel here I come.
  • Mid-March: The family visits piecemeal. First dad comes to Bordeaux, then mom. Then we all arrive in Berlin, Germany – over the course of three consecutive days – for a visit with the extended family. Courtesy of technical problems at the airport in Berlin, Mom and I get an unexpected but very fun day in Paris. Click here for photos of my day with Dad in St. Emillion.
  • March-April:  as the school year ends everyone begins to disperse from Bordeaux for their internships. B. & N back to Italy. K. to Valencia and eventually California/Mexico. M. to Vancouver/China/Georgia. (Not really sure which to be completely honest 😉 – well not really. He is in Eastern Europe as of the last update) At least I have a lot of really awesome places to go visiting this summer.
  • April: the Bordeaux en Primeur (futures) campaign begins with tastings and a weekend of open doors in the Medoc. Click here for those photos.

Clearly things haven’t been quiet here in France, but I’m looking forward to summer, travel and a lot more good wine. On that note, stay tuned for further updates, industry notes, pictures, tasting notes and more.

Ciao et a plus tard!

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