An end or a new beginning? Shakespeare Santa Cruz

I promise mostly to make this blog about my adventures living in Bordeaux and about my experiences with wine. But on occasion I will vent my opinions or promote other things. Or even ask for help. This is once such occasion.

I will confess Shakespeare has long been my favorite playwright and writer. I have seen countless performance, read all of the sonnets & poems and 22 of the plays (yes I know my geek flag is flying high), took a Shakespeare class in college because I could (yup it raised itself a little higher) and own several copies of the complete works.

Not too long ago I posted about Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Sack wine and a wonderful performance of Henry V. I encouraged the San Francisco Bay Area folks to go see a show and enjoy the majesty of Shakespeare’s work performed outside by an awesome team. But abruptly – before the festival was completed and without speaking to the festival staff and board of directors – the University of California Santa Cruz pulled funding and support for the program effectively ending the 32 year tradition of excellent theater. Much of the reasoning behind the statement doesn’t add up and the community of fans is hugely disappointed. You can read the university’s statement here.

I write today to spread the word that an exploratory committee has been formed to explore additional options for creating an independent, non-profit professional theater organization in Santa Cruz to continue this tradition of excellent theater. But Shakespeare Santa Cruz is more than just a theater company – they are a link to the community and an invaluable arts education asset.

If you are a fan of Shakespeare Santa Cruz, would like to know more or would like to help please email: Despite my pending departure I will be doing all I can to continue to support Shakespeare Santa Cruz. Please join me.