The Business Game

Otherwise known as my current form of cruel and unusual torture. It would be really interesting and engaging – if I could participate. Let me back up. As I am sure you know, yesterday was the first day of school. All in all despite everything (including the 12 hour school days) I think it will be a good challenge and I will really enjoy studying here.

But in the mean time I have to struggle through the rest of this business game. And I mean struggle – as it is completely, 100% in French. While my French is rapidly improving and has served me well so far – I am struggling to understand the game. I am able to follow the conversations of my team and understand about half of what is going on. But by the time I understand and think of something to contribute the conversation has moved on. My saving grace is that each group has a foreign student they have to carry.

That being said – I did better today. And was able to participate more significantly. Granted I was just reading through resumes and struggling to understand the key phrases. But I was able to narrow the pool and help the team make a decision. There was also a slight understanding about the word “concubinage“. For English speakers I think you can understand my immediate shock and confusion, particularly as this was listed with pride on a CV (or resume). Just to clarify a concubinage is a common law marriage or when two people live together without actually being married. While a bit shocking at least the French came up with a word for this situation.

Tomorrow marks the end of the game. I think my tired brain can take one more day of intensive French and translating. Then I have both Thursday and Friday and the weekend to finish getting settled and to rest up before I jump in feet first. And I go back to trying to understand in English instead of French.

For now I have to go find another cup of coffee so I can finish out the day.