A Brief Visit in Cornwall

My best friend, ok really she is more like my sister, lives in England. In fact we met there. Living directly across the hall in a dorm in central London. I was spending my year abroad at the LSE. She, amazing lady that she is, was just starting her PhD.

Fast forward six years, I have lived in Boston, California and now, France. She has stayed in England, gotten engaged and moved from London to Cornwall. Due to the distance, being poor students and the cost of international travel – we normally only get to see each other once a year. And typically I go to see her in London – cause, well it’s London.

Despite living one country apart – ok that sounds far but its only about an hour and fifteen minutes on the plane – we haven’t yet had a chance to visit since I moved to France. School, work, life and death have all intervened. So Easter weekend I boarded a plane and got to see A for the first time in 18, yes 18, months. (PS. A. never again!).

We spent one night in London, followed by a kick-ass, whirlwind shopping day on Oxford Street. If you don’t know Oxford Street – I’m sorry, you are missing out. And then wine and noshes in tow, we boarded a train for Cornwall. Not enough wine later, we arrived.

I spent a lovely – if not nearly long enough – weekend in Cornwall! Complete with Cornish Pasty and local gin (what can I say, I am studying wine and spirits after all). Now Miss A, it’s your turn to come to France and I’ll be headed back soon….

Check out the awesome photos of this beautiful countryside here!