Seminars, Red Tape and … and English Class

By 8 pm tonight I will have completed my second week of “school.” This week it was ateliers RH or HR Seminars. Aside from one cancelled and postponed session this afternoon, we’ve spent the past three days talking about integrating into a new company environment, working on our resumes and frantically preparing presentations. And I have to confess…it was a bit boring. I did enjoy the case study work and scrambling to prepare a presentation in an hour. It was also nice this week to start working with my program class mates. But I’m looking forward to digging into my real course work on Monday. 

Before I do that I do have to sit through an Business English class. Yes that’s right an ENGLISH class. I’ve been excused from the introductory class – after I attend the first early morning session and advice the instructor – and the exam but not the Business English class. In all honesty I can say: I hope I can pass. I keep being told to slow down.

I am however looking forward to taking my intermediate French class. So far I have managed to successfully get through enrollment, opening a bank account, a business game and more. But it will be nice to brush up on my grammar and my writing skills. Hopefully the next time the internet at my apartment crashes I will be able to help my landlady understand that it is OK to unplug your router and physically reset the WIFI.

This week has also been a lesson in French red tape. I had to postpone starting my internship by one week as I am still waiting for the necessary paperwork to come through. I purchased my bus/tram pass and paid for the whole year in advance. Only to try to board the tram and have my card not work. (P.S. Anyone know the french translation for lanyard or badge holder?) I purchased the SIM card for my phone so that I finally will be able to use my smart phone as more than a large texting device. Only to realize that I would have a few days of interrupted service while my number changes providers. I think I can officially say I have a greater appreciation for navigating important tasks in my native language.