T-1 Week

Today marks one week until departure and an ever growing task list. I spent the majority of the holiday weekend marking my imminent cross-continental move. My last day at Sones Cellars, a last day of wine tasting and a pre-birthday dinner with my parents and the massive closet clean-out. I have also had my hair cut, have gone to the dry cleaners and have run other essential last minute errands. And yet the week ahead doesn’t seem enough to accomplish everything.

I will confess – partly out a strong desire not to stress out the dog and partly out of pure avoidance – I haven’t actually started putting things in suitcases. But I have started collecting items and planing what will get packed. Although I’m not entirely sure that the pup-dog is comfortable with the mass movement of items in my bedroom. So my not-so-altruistic delay tactics aren’t necessarily working. 😛


But despite my procrastination, important things are actually getting done and this adventure seems ever more real. Today I confirmed an interview for September 17 with a potential employer. For those of you who aren’t in the know: I have to intern a significant portion of the year as part of my degree program. About a month ago I was contacted by un caviste (a wine shop) with locations in both Bordeaux and New York City that is looking for a digital marketing intern. Somehow this opportunity seems too good to be true. But none-the-less I have an interview scheduled shortly after my arrival.

In addition, I exchanged an email thread with my soon-to-be housemate. She seems to be a lovely 2nd year masters student at the same university. In the course of our emails I had asked a few questions about cell phone providers and banks. Her very detailed response included a lovely, generous offer to visit a local mobile shop and do a little reconnaissance.

I also today had a lovely email exchange with my soon-to-be landlady. Who it turns out is a genuinely awesome human being. She is letting me move in a couple days early and even offered to pick me up at the airport upon my arrival. My overabundance of supposed luggage is actually a deterrent to said airport pick-up as she drives a typical European mini-car. But the thought was enough to make her my new hero.

Clearly the women in France are delightful human beings and are willing to go the extra mile for the student coming in from the United States to make her feel welcome. This gives me hope that the next two years will be filled with good friends and even better company. And that my first few hectic weeks – trying to get settled in – won’t be too overwhelming.

On that note – I’m off to bed so that I can wake up tomorrow morning ready to face the next round of departure tasks. Bonne nuit!