On Feet …And the Grossness of

As my good friend C can attest: I love a good pedicure. There is nothing like sitting in a nice spa having someone else work on your feet. Not only it is relaxing but it saves you the acrobatic feat of cutting and painting your own nails.

But I have to confess – since I got to France – even I would be embarrassed to go get a pedicure. Between dropping a very heavy suitcase on my feet while moving in, the blisters and all the walking in the rain, my feet are…officially gross, really gross. Courtesy of the suitcase my big toe nails are finally starting to grow out. Courtesy of the blisters …yeah I just won’t go there. And the rain and all the walking equals painfully cracked heels. Add in trying to break in new high heels – hell just getting used to walking in high heels again – and on cobbled sidewalks – it’s been fun.

In fact, it’s been bad enough that I broke down and wore flats for an “interview” today. Despite wearing a dress and a blazer – I just couldn’t bring myself to put heels on and face the half mile plus walk to school. I feel like I completely violated the unwritten law of good fashion.┬áThat being said I was comfortable. So…bring on another pair of Frye flats!

And C, after working so hard to build up the callouses I might just have to pass on that pedicure in December.