Please help!!! Save Shakespeare Theater in Santa Cruz!

Hi all!

I know I’ve been MIA for a while – between travelling back to California during the holidays and jumping straight back into the craziness that is the school year – I’ve been a little busy. And I clearly this isn’t my standard post.

In early September I posted

An end or a new beginning? Shakespeare Santa Cruz

As a theater buff and a self-professed Shakespeare nerd I was sad to hear that Shakespeare Santa Cruz was facing a permanent closure. But the resourceful and intrepid Santa Cruz Community has found a way to continue to embrace the arts. They even announced today that Sir Patrick Stewart (!!!!) has joined the advisory board. I’m thrilled!

But they need help! And of course money! What struggling art’s program doesn’t? So this is my personal appeal: As a poor student I have given what I can to help support the organization and keep Shakespeare Santa Cruz performing. However I am a poor student and the organization is trying to raise a little over $400,000 dollars before February 1st!

Please help save this wonderful organization! Visit to make your donation!

Thank you!!!

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