Another IKEA Adventure … That is to be Continued (Again)

This weekend marked another fabulous IKEA adventure as I try to get settled into my new apartment. What was supposed to be a solo/limited excursion turned into a grand adventure with 2 cars and 5 people.

After walking through the upstairs gallery (and of course goofing off a bit) we tackled the downstairs and the boxes. As far as dealing with the crowd on a Saturday, it wasn’t so bad. But then after we got everything back to my apartment, and up the two flights of stairs, we realized that one of the boxes we had picked was wrong.

So we all piled back into one car and returned. After processing the return and stopping to have hot dogs, lemonade and a macaroon, we grabbed the right box and got back in the car. Only to go no where …. for an hour. It was awful trying to get out of the parking lot. I owe a big thanks to M, C, M and J for putting up with everything.

Over the course of the weekend I put together – and in many cases deconstructed and put back together properly – the majority of the items I purchased. I have on more piece to put together – but the project is currently on hold until I finish tomorrow’s project and prepare for my exams next week.

I was feeling much more settled and was thinking that another trip wasn’t going to be necessary. Then I got home after my exam this afternoon to find my full-length mirror lying on the ground in pieces. I had left it leaning against the wall and in one piece. And no the bottom did not just slide out. It fell forward. What a mess.

So this weekend…I will be making the solo trek out to IKEA on the tram and will piss everyone else off as I carry a full size mirror back to my apartment. But this time I think I might invest in one with a base….


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