The New Apartment!

It finally happened. I finally moved into a new apartment. After a couple of months of searching (complicated by the fact that I am picky), I found a wonderful, newly renovated building in Chartrons. While the building itself is old, everything, and I do mean everything, inside is new.

Saturday with the help of my friend C, I moved everything from my old apartment to the new. It was fun dragging everything down a narrow flight of stairs to turn around and drag it back up two, but it’s finished. Thanks again C for all the help! It was only supposed to be the start of the moving but it became a fire-drill and we managed to get everything out in a short period.

I had initially planned on moving, somewhat reluctantly, into a studio. But lady luck was on my side. When I moved into the building this weekend there had been a bit of a delay in the renovation work and there was another tenant in my studio. Their apartment downstairs wasn’t quite finished and they needed a place to go. As the studio was the first apartment in the building finished, they ended up there. So when I moved in, I was placed in the one bedroom, which was my first preference, across the hall. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement, but I found out last night that I can stay in the one bedroom! Yay!

Now…I just have to face the unpacking and face another trip to IKEA.

Pictures to follow eventually….once the unpacking is done.

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