The New Apartment!

It finally happened. I finally moved into a new apartment. After a couple of months of searching (complicated by the fact that I am picky), I found a wonderful, newly renovated building in Chartrons. While the building itself is old, everything, and I do mean everything, inside is new.

Saturday with the help of my friend C, I moved everything from my old apartment to the new. It was fun dragging everything down a narrow flight of stairs to turn around and drag it back up two, but it’s finished. Thanks again C for all the help! It was only supposed to be the start of the moving but it became a fire-drill and we managed to get everything out in a short period.

I had initially planned on moving, somewhat reluctantly, into a studio. But lady luck was on my side. When I moved into the building this weekend there had been a bit of a delay in the renovation work and there was another tenant in my studio. Their apartment downstairs wasn’t quite finished and they needed a place to go. As the studio was the first apartment in the building finished, they ended up there. So when I moved in, I was placed in the one bedroom, which was my first preference, across the hall. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement, but I found out last night that I can stay in the one bedroom! Yay!

Now…I just have to face the unpacking and face another trip to IKEA.

Pictures to follow eventually….once the unpacking is done.

The Hunt Continues

As many of you know I have been looking for a new apartment for a while. After the big blow up with my landlord I started putting out feelers and exploring the offerings of the city. So far… it has been an adventure. The typical avenue of going through an agency has not really been an option for me. I don’t have a guarantor in France and therefore am not considered a good risk – despite the fact that I work, have a paid internship, can pay in advance and have a guarantor in the US.

So I’ve been relying on LeBonCoin – the French equivalent of Craig’s List – and word of mouth. Again I’ve run into the problem of being a foreign student – coupled with the fact that there is not a lot available right now. But I’ve checked out a few apartments and seen a lot of crap. I’ve seen some awesome studios and found a few interesting places but – being me – I’m looking for the perfect place. I’m willing to wait it out and spend a little extra to find the perfect location.

So in the midst of my mad dash to get ready to leave and dealing with some work changes – I’m trying to make a few last visits and keep looking. And trying to convince owners to work with my schedule… Hopefully more will open up over the holidays or in January as some of the schools let out. Send me all your positive house hunting vibes and keep your fingers crossed.