Txakoli: An Adventure in Basque Country

May is a fun month in France. The weather has already started to turn and there are four federal holidays, which thanks to the way the calendar fell this year meant four long weekends.  And of course, being me, I tried to take advantage of all of them. There was the Saint Emilion Portes Ouvertes, a trip to London for the London Wine Fair and a girl’s weekend in San Sebastian. And of course being me – I couldn’t let the last one go without some kind of wine related adventure.

11258038_10152737085342657_1430919325007564612_nPerched only 12 miles from the French border, the charming seaside town of San Sebastian, called Donostia in the Basque language,lies in the heart of Spanish Basque country and is one of Spain’s foremost tourist destinations. Given the city culture is rich with history and amazing food (the city boasts more Michelin stars per capita than any other in the world), it is no big surprise. The city also boasts a stunning beach and warm weather perfect for enjoying it. In addition to the abundance of gourmet restaurants, the Old Town city center is home to over 300 pinxtos and tapas bars. And of course spending time in the sun and eating all that great food makes you thirsty: enter Txakoli (pronounced CHOCK-oh-lee). Continue reading