Revisions! AKA 10 Days of Studying…Maybe

Classes are over. The first round of exams has passed. I get to skip the exam next week! (yay being a native English speaker!) And my next exam is a week from Monday. I was planning to go to Bruxelles to visit my cousins but I am staying in Bordeaux to handle a few administrative details. Being a responsible adult sucks.

I’ve been to the post office, the bank. I’ve had a walk and a coffee with a few friends. I purchased and then had a prolonged and unsuccessful battle with a wireless range extender. (Have I mentioned yet that I find the wifi situation in France to be dismally depressing. And yes I know my spoiled California side is showing.) I cleaned up the apartment. I enjoyed a box sent from home. And yes I even got started on the studying…. ok I did some strategic organization for future studying sessions.

It’s only day 1.

What the hell am I going to do with myself for the next 8+ days?

The obvious answer is study. But lets be honest, I work and think best under pressure. 8 days doesn’t create a lot of pressure. Don’t get me wrong I will study and I will prep for the one exam from the instructor kind enough to walk us through the step by step requirements. Administrative duties will take a little time – particularly as I have to go stand in line at a government office – but still that leaves a lot of time in the middle.

On that note, enjoy this little gem from Wine Folly:

Clearly I need to get working on my tastings. I’ve only had one on this list. So, I’m off to go wine shopping. 😉

Shoes! … or not!

I can’t put it off any longer. I am rapidly running out of time. I leave in a little over two weeks. (Cue the panic attack – how did it get here so quickly?)

About two months ago I tackled the armoire and the clothes in the closet. Several trips to Hope Services and the consignment store later – I still have more than enough clothing. A month ago I cleared out the drawer of nail polish – yes a whole drawer – and got rid of about 50 bottles. Earlier this week I went through all of my makeup and slimmed things down to one small bag.

But I have been putting off cleaning out the rest of my closet – shoes, purses, the storage rack holding all my sweaters, scarves and cold weather gear. It seems so final and more importantly – daunting.

So today I started with the shoes – I figure stages are much easier. Less daunting – maybe. What I learned was I clearly have a problem. Ok to be honest more than one. I a) have a tendency not to throw things away and b) I shop too much. There I have admitted it.


Giving up all these shoes!

Witness the aftermath. These are the shoes I am getting rid of. Yes that’s right. This is the pile I am getting rid of. Note the yellow cardboard box filled with – yup you guessed it – shoes. And this doesn’t include the boots I have yet to dig out from under the bed and the pile of shoes I still haven’t made a decision about. But all in all it was easier than I expected. There were shoes in boxes that I forgot I even had. Clearly this was a long overdue project. And there are still more shoes than I can carry with me when I leave.

On that note I’m going to go wash the dust off and find something more pleasant to do.

UPDATE: Eight pairs of shoes found new homes with my cousin’s girlfriend, four with other family members and the rest will be donated to the American Cancer Society Discovery Shops.