Revisions! AKA 10 Days of Studying…Maybe

Classes are over. The first round of exams has passed. I get to skip the exam next week! (yay being a native English speaker!) And my next exam is a week from Monday. I was planning to go to Bruxelles to visit my cousins but I am staying in Bordeaux to handle a few administrative details. Being a responsible adult sucks.

I’ve been to the post office, the bank. I’ve had a walk and a coffee with a few friends. I purchased and then had a prolonged and unsuccessful battle with a wireless range extender. (Have I mentioned yet that I find the wifi situation in France to be dismally depressing. And yes I know my spoiled California side is showing.) I cleaned up the apartment. I enjoyed a box sent from home. And yes I even got started on the studying…. ok I did some strategic organization for future studying sessions.

It’s only day 1.

What the hell am I going to do with myself for the next 8+ days?

The obvious answer is study. But lets be honest, I work and think best under pressure. 8 days doesn’t create a lot of pressure. Don’t get me wrong I will study and I will prep for the one exam from the instructor kind enough to walk us through the step by step requirements. Administrative duties will take a little time – particularly as I have to go stand in line at a government office – but still that leaves a lot of time in the middle.

On that note, enjoy this little gem from Wine Folly:

Clearly I need to get working on my tastings. I’ve only had one on this list. So, I’m off to go wine shopping. 😉

Apartments, Christmas Markets, & More

Last week was crazy and a little stressful. There were apartment viewings, bus issues, a wine tasting, a Christmas market, school work and the Cyber Monday prep. I wish I could say that things will be calmer next week but I think I’m looking at a sprint to the finish.

I’ve got school projects galore! And on that note – check out the latest post on my second blog! In fact, my team was one of the four from the English cohort chosen to proceed to the next level on our large professional project – the wine challenge! I’m excited that our hard work paid off but it means another round of crazy preparations and hard work. And coming up on the 16th of December I’ve got two major presentations for the same class. And to top it all of next weekend I will be on a school trip to Cahors. So…not much work getting done then. Oh well..

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Le Weekend

You know it’s been a great weekend when you arrive home late on Sunday night wearing your favorite scarf as a skirt….Ok that sounds more extreme then it actually was. But this weekend was a ton of fun.

I’ll be the first to admit I have long joined the ranks of the working who are so excited for lazy Friday nights. And this Friday night was no different. After a busy week of school, work and administrative adventures I was so happy to relax. I ordered a pizza and a salad, opened a bottle of good wine and watched the Sharks game from a few days prior. It was glorious. And more importantly it allowed me to rest up for an amazing weekend.

Saturday morning was a bit of a scramble as we spontaneously decided to head to Fronsac, one of the many Bordeaux wine appellations, for the portes ouvertes. Many of the small wineries in France are not open on weekends, nor do they provide in depth tours to the public. Except on specially designated weekends or portes ouvertes, which literally means open doors. On these days you can visit the wineries, have a tour and do a little tasting for free.

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