Airlines …grr

Today I officially booked my flight home to California for Christmas. After looking at flight options for a couple of weeks I finally found an awesome fare. And I’m even flying direct on the way home.

Booking the flight was a whole different story. I’ve decided the AirFrance website is officially a fiasco. Not my first choice of carriers but at least this way I can start to collect some miles. If only I could have logged in to my existing account. After several failed attempts I was told I had to call the 800 number. So I tried. 4 times as a matter of fact. But the line didn’t play nice with Skype. And my french cell phone wouldn’t work with a US based 800 number. And since the cheap fare was on the US site I had to call the US hotline not the one in France. So…I ultimately ended up booking the flight without accessing my account and I will have to try to call again tomorrow.

But it gets better. I wanted to book my flight through Detroit. At least that way I was minimizing extra flying time. But that was a frequent flyer member special. So while I was able to see the price because my computer was recognized by website – I wasn’t actually able to book that flight. So now…Delta…Salt Lake City…in the middle of January … keep your fingers crossed…maybe they will take pity and allow me to change my flight over the phone tomorrow. But that would take a rather large miracle.

Grr. Just Grr. That was probably one of the most frustrating hours I’ve ever spent. Oh well. California I’ll see you in December.