And it’s Done

So I know I’ve been MIA for a bit but the past couple of weeks have been crazy (and don’t worry I have a rich backlog of posts for you). First it was getting sick, then en Primeur, then exams and then a visit with the family. And there have been wine festivals, birthday parties and tasting. Up next, a weekend visit from my good friend M.

But the really important news is: the school year is over!!!! Ok there is actually a thesis to write and eventually defend. But the academic summer is here which means now it’s back to my internship full-time. And another summer of wine adventures!

So since I’m not yet used to normal 9-5 hours any longer, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. The promised posts will appear shortly. And in the meantime remember …


My Video Debut in France!

Thanks to my internship I have now started a film career in France 😉

First a voice over:

Then a visual appearance:

All joking aside, I’ve been working hard and enjoying the challenge. I’m looking forward to digging in in earnest over the summer.

Another First – The Internship

I’ve only been working on this post for 5 days. I thought maybe it was time to finally post it. Particularly as my blog home page is only showing links. Apparently I need to write more…or stop posting links.


This week – in addition to starting my regular classes – I started my internship with a wine merchant in Bordeaux. They have their cellar and their offices here in Bordeaux but they also have store fronts in Saint Tropez and in New York City (M this is your chance to do a little recon for a friend and score some great wine 😉 ).

Being me – I woke up super early (aka 5:30) on Thursday morning to make sure I was early for the bus. As I’ve said before I always find the buses to be a challenge. I’m never sure how long between ‘stops’ and when I’m supposed to push the button. As the office is located well outside of the city and it was my first time there – we (my friend A is working there with me as well) asked the bus driver to give us a shout out at the correct bus stop. We not only made it there in one piece – we were early. But its a good way to make a strong first impression. 🙂

Friday was more of the same – complete with early wake up call and the bus driver call out. What can I say – I’m nothing if not predicable. And next week will likely not be any different. The last thing I want to do is miss the bus and be late.

As for the work itself, I’ll be working on the digital marketing efforts in the US market. I’m looking forward to the challenge and learning more about the wine industry.  As much as I love Santa Cruz and California, I’m fairly certain it’s not a good cross section of the rest of the US or the wine industry as a whole. Despite being terrified, I do hope I will be able to make a difference and prove to myself that this was a good idea.