A Return to Sanity

April brought its own stress. May was fun. But June and early July marked a descent into madness.

June began on a high note with a long-overdue visit from my best friend, A. But quickly thereafter I was faced with VinExpo, France’s leading professional wine fair, as well as a presentation during the show and assiting Wine Mosaic with their community management needs. The week passed by in a blur of long days, great neworking and a selected number of amazing tastings.

Shortly thereafter my attention turned to the blackhole that was my thesis and the WSET Level 3, both of which fell within a few days of each other. Of course being me, despite my best efforts, everything fell to the last minute. But the good news… It’s DONE!  And I am just one oral defense away from finishing my MBA. (Queue the crazy happy dance!) And a few months wait away from my exam results. (Fingers crossed please)

This past weekend was a long one here in France, thanks to Bastille Day. So I ran away with my other good friend K. for a relaxing weekend at the beach. And now I’ve found my sanity again. As well as my will to write/catch up on my back-log of long-overdue blogs. So readers, stay tuned there is a whole host of great new posts headed your way!

And it’s Done

So I know I’ve been MIA for a bit but the past couple of weeks have been crazy (and don’t worry I have a rich backlog of posts for you). First it was getting sick, then en Primeur, then exams and then a visit with the family. And there have been wine festivals, birthday parties and tasting. Up next, a weekend visit from my good friend M.

But the really important news is: the school year is over!!!! Ok there is actually a thesis to write and eventually defend. But the academic summer is here which means now it’s back to my internship full-time. And another summer of wine adventures!

So since I’m not yet used to normal 9-5 hours any longer, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. The promised posts will appear shortly. And in the meantime remember …


Italy: Italian Style

Last year my course included 3 Italians. This year that number doubled. And lucky for me they are all wine lovers and in fact two of them even come from wine making families. So… conspiring together, the Italian faction decided to host an Italian wine tasting and seminar. Four different classmates were representing four different and distinct winemaking regions in Italy. Even more lucky me.


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