Hello Again!

It’s been ages since I wrote. Although to be perfectly accurate I should say: it’s been ages since I posted. I’ve been writing. I have several posts that have already been written but never seemed to make it to the website. All I can say is: I’ve been too busy having too much fun to actually post them.

Barcelona, Arcachon, Brussels, Boston, New York, California, Cornwall again, Bordeaux Fete le Vin, Valencia… I’ve been busy racking up the miles and living out of a suitcase. In fact, I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve only lost one item in all the mayhem. Granted it was a favorite coat, but I’ll keep looking for a replacement.

This has been my first quiet weekend in a while. In fact, I’m celebrating by being domestic: eight loads of laundry, writing my internship report, floor to ceiling apartment scrubbing, grocery shopping, napping, etc. And of course plotting for my next trip. I have another month an a half before my internship contract is over for the summer. And August is going to look a little boring – most of France and a lot of my friends will be on holiday. So…next stop, Georgia (and yes the country not the state) or maybe it’s actually the camping trip to the Bayonne ferias or maybe back to Germany for another visit with the family. Either way…I’ll be in touch. Or maybe, I’ll be too busy travelling. Either way this has been a summer to remember.

Revisions! AKA 10 Days of Studying…Maybe

Classes are over. The first round of exams has passed. I get to skip the exam next week! (yay being a native English speaker!) And my next exam is a week from Monday. I was planning to go to Bruxelles to visit my cousins but I am staying in Bordeaux to handle a few administrative details. Being a responsible adult sucks.

I’ve been to the post office, the bank. I’ve had a walk and a coffee with a few friends. I purchased and then had a prolonged and unsuccessful battle with a wireless range extender. (Have I mentioned yet that I find the wifi situation in France to be dismally depressing. And yes I know my spoiled California side is showing.) I cleaned up the apartment. I enjoyed a box sent from home. And yes I even got started on the studying…. ok I did some strategic organization for future studying sessions.

It’s only day 1.

What the hell am I going to do with myself for the next 8+ days?

The obvious answer is study. But lets be honest, I work and think best under pressure. 8 days doesn’t create a lot of pressure. Don’t get me wrong I will study and I will prep for the one exam from the instructor kind enough to walk us through the step by step requirements. Administrative duties will take a little time – particularly as I have to go stand in line at a government office – but still that leaves a lot of time in the middle.

On that note, enjoy this little gem from Wine Folly:


Clearly I need to get working on my tastings. I’ve only had one on this list. So, I’m off to go wine shopping. 😉

Bonjour Paris!

Three out of four flights and I’ve finally made it to France!!!

I am currently sitting in the Orly airport enjoying free wi-fi and waiting for the chance to drop off my bags. Apparently bag check in is much more efficient in France and you can’t check your bags in more than 90 minutes before your flight. Unlike San Francisco where bag check in ends 70 minutes before departure. I like the efficiency. I think. It means that I am currently waiting with all my bags and watching the clock as I really would like to freshen up in the bathroom – but there is no way I fit through the doorway with all my stuff. And yes it’s a lot of stuff. Even the Air France staff was a little taken aback.

I will confess – I do feel a bit ungainly sitting next to all of these put together and lovely French women. I’m in sweats I’ve been wearing for about 22 hours, have no make-up on and I’ve got all of this baggage. I REALLY need a shower! I smell like plane.

But I am surprisingly awake. Maybe not at my best, definitely struggling with my rusty French, but awake. Apparently two cocktails at the airport and two glasses of wine on the plane are conducive to actually sleeping. The empty middle seat in my row helped a lot too!

I was also surprised by customs – or the lack there of. Maybe I am just used to fling to London Heathrow where they are overly cautious. But they barely glanced at my passport. Didn’t even check my visa or look at my bags. The whole thing took about 30 minutes – 5 of which was waiting in line and the rest was waiting for my bags to be unloaded.

Well writing this post has killed about 20 minutes, about 50 to go. I’m going to go find something else to keep me busy so that awake status doesn’t change! Looking forward to finally arriving in Bordeaux.

A plus tard!