Another Year Begins

On one hand, I can’t believe it’s already started. Tempus fugit! On the other…it’s mid October and the year just began. What the hell is that?

This Thursday, yes that’s right…Thursday, the second academic year started with a bang – otherwise known as a┬áthe┬ábusiness game. And this year’s game came complete with early mornings, work on Saturday and midnight deadlines. At least this year it’s in English.

The overall enrollment in the Wine and the new Spirits program is a lot higher. Which means that we will once again be split into two cohorts. I’m excited by the possibility that I will get to build a bigger network – that includes other Americans this year – and make new friends. On the other hand I am sad that some of my friends have transferred to Spirits or are moving on to new adventures and yet more will be in the other cohort. I don’t know the exact division yet but I’ll have lost some of my partners in crime. Oh well, a new year and a new adventure.

On a great note, for me the year begins with two weeks of travel and adventures in new places. Before classes even get a chance to work up to the full swing of things, the Wine program is off to explore la Rioja. And the week after, I’m off to Switzerland for the Digital Wine Communications Conference. Then the real work begins.

But on that note, I’m off for a cup of coffee and then I’m back to the game. Wish me luck!