The DWCC: Final Take Aways

Ok. I know I’ve been writing a lot about the Digital Wine Communication Conference. I promise I’m almost done. And this post will be shorter than the other. So without further ado, here is my final list of take-aways from the conference

  • Wine nerds are not very formal
  • Neither are social media geeks
  • Never get between a wine blogger and the wine
  • Wine bloggers are seriously passionate about what they like and may god help you if you disagree
  • Not all aromatized wine-based beverages are crap (and yes I’m still having a hard time processing this one)
  • Swiss Wine is surprisingly complex and surprisingly good
  • So is English Sparkling wine
  • Conferences can be fun
  • Conferences are exhausting
  • Conferences are great for networking
  • Switzerland is an expensive place
  • Switzerland is a naturally beautiful backdrop but their innate practicality doesn’t always make for a beautiful city. Click here to see all the photos from my weekend.
  • What I know about social media is just a drop in the hat
  • What I know about wine is just a drop in the hat
  • My blog can (and will be) so much more
  • I need to visit Porto
  • Ditto for Turkey
  • And ditto again for the Mosel valley
  • And again for Piedmonte
  • Clearly I just need to travel more or at least I need to indulge in more oenotourism
  • I want a Coravin to play with
  • I want a copy of Wine Grapes
  • I NEED a new cell phone. After all it is a basic tool of my profession 😉
  • I may mock but I am one of those social media and one of those wine nerds

I’m already keeping my fingers crossed that my job situation will allow me to attend the conference next year. And for now, at least I’ve got an expended network to keep in touch with.

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