A Return to Sanity

April brought its own stress. May was fun. But June and early July marked a descent into madness.

June began on a high note with a long-overdue visit from my best friend, A. But quickly thereafter I was faced with VinExpo, France’s leading professional wine fair, as well as a presentation during the show and assiting Wine Mosaic with their community management needs. The week passed by in a blur of long days, great neworking and a selected number of amazing tastings.

Shortly thereafter my attention turned to the blackhole that was my thesis and the WSET Level 3, both of which fell within a few days of each other. Of course being me, despite my best efforts, everything fell to the last minute. But the good news… It’s DONE!  And I am just one oral defense away from finishing my MBA. (Queue the crazy happy dance!) And a few months wait away from my exam results. (Fingers crossed please)

This past weekend was a long one here in France, thanks to Bastille Day. So I ran away with my other good friend K. for a relaxing weekend at the beach. And now I’ve found my sanity again. As well as my will to write/catch up on my back-log of long-overdue blogs. So readers, stay tuned there is a whole host of great new posts headed your way!

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